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Lilly's Friends
Started it All!

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We take fighting to end blindness very personally!

We are so grateful for friends like you that have helped us raise such a substantial amount of money for research to fight blinding eye diseases.  You are awesome!!  Thank you!!

Our team is working very hard to raise money for the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB) in support of Lillian Diuble.  Lillian now attends Central University.  Lilly has a problem with her retina that affects her vision.  She also is hearing impaired and wears hearing aids to help her hear.  Her most likely diagnosis is Usher Syndrome.

People with Usher Syndrome have a retinal disorder called Retinitis Pigmentosa or RP and they also have hearing impairment.  Currently there is no cure for Usher Syndrome and those who suffer from it often will become blind and deaf....but Lilly has resolved to "not let my disabilities get in my way."

The reason we became involved in the Foundation Fighting Blindness is because the Foundation supports research that may one day lead to a cure for Usher Syndrome which could ultimately save Lilly's vision!!  They have already sponsored research that has made an impact in the ways macular degeneration and Leber's congenital amaurosis are treated. 

We have high hopes that Lilly's sight will be saved by this amazing research!  We encourage (and beg and plead with) you to help us join our fight against blindness!  We expect great things for Lilly and we invite you to help us make them happen.

Thank you so much for your support.  Please join our team, walk with us and make a donation if you are able.  We would so appreciate it, and you know Lilly does too!!  Just remember, "if Lilly is your friend, you will have a friend for life!"

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16th Annual VisionWalk to Fund Research to FIND A CURE!

Annual VisionWalk

Saturday • May 13, 2023 • 9am

Kensington Metro Park • North Martindale "S" Milford, MI

This year is the Annual Michigan VisionWalk! We will hear the inspirational stories of overcoming the challenge of vision loss.

Plan to join our team!! Sign up here or email us to join!

2018 Promo ...

DFV - Vision Walk - Abby Diuble
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Abby's DEPP Project takes OFF!

Why are we on this quest? Well ... on June 23, 2015, Manchester, MI awoke to the news that an EF-1 tornado had touched down, severely damaging several homes. While no one was injured, those who lived through it are still dealing with the emotional trauma of the event. For one eleven-year old, Abby Diuble, coming to terms with the terror of that night has lead her to take on a project that has the potential to save lives of children facing similar life-threatening emergency situations.

Abby wasn’t home with her family when the tornado hit but that didn’t make the situation any less frightening. Abby’s sister Lilly is hearing-impaired. Despite that Abby wasn’t home, she was terrified because in her mind, her whole family could have been killed. Abby realized how vulnerable people like Lilly (hearing impaired, visually impaired, etc) could be in an emergency situation such as this. Getting Lilly out of her bed – a loft bed at the time – cost valuable seconds getting to safety. The family literally just made it to the top step of the basement stairs when the tornado hit.

Because of a medical condition, Lilly, in addition to wearing hearing aids, could face blindness. This has lead us to become a crusaders for the fight to cure blindness. Lilly, Abby and their family and friends have raised almost $150,000 in the last several years for the Foundation Fighting Blindness and the Vision Walk. While Lilly’s younger sister Abby has always helped in this project, she is heading up this project.

To the Rescue: The KA300 Wireless Alarm Monitoring System by Krown Manufacturing, Inc.

Abby began by researching alarm systems for the hard of hearing or deaf, and finally selected the KA300 Wireless Alarm Monitoring System made by Krown Manufacturing, Inc. 

An instrumental part of the program is working with local fire departments. To start the campaign, WHIP is asking each local fire department to help with raising enough money to buy an alarm system for each child in their service area.  We are also speaking to businesses through their Chambers of Commerce to try to line up donations.


In May, Abby presented this idea to the Lenawee County Fire Chiefs. The idea was well received.

We have obtained the final paperwork for the 501(c)(3) and now can begin accepting donations and applying for grants. We are looking for help with fundraising ideas and people/groups that would want to help us carry those out.

Please let us know how you can help and support our efforts today!


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Book: "Walk in
my Shoes"

Truly blessed to be a contributing author of this book project! "WALK IN MY SHOES: 27 Inspiring Stories that will alter your perspective on human emotional & physical strengths" ... now in paperback!

Be sure to check it out and get your copy today!! Below is a write up from

"Walk in My Shoes is a book unlike any other. It is a unique collection of 27 powerful stories by individuals who have witnessed or experienced the tragedy of losing not one, but two senses: hearing and sight. The loss is caused by a rare disease called Usher syndrome. These stories will give you a glimpse into the world of the deafblind and their families and friends.

The collection of stories will give you a chance to walk in the shoes of those with Usher syndrome with different perspectives, experiences, and situations of those constant challenges that they face.

Instead of giving up, these people discover and embrace their inner strength to overcome great obstacles and adversity in their quest for acceptance, equality, and respect by society. Even the simplest everyday tasks that people take for granted, such as public transportation, cooking, or even walking around, can be a Herculean challenge for those with Usher syndrome. Yet, they keep on fighting and adapting to those constant challenges. These people, along with their families and friends, are unseen and unheard heroes. Even though they may not see or hear, they have so much to teach us about the human spirit, overcoming harsh obstacles and seeking equality in a society that does not understand them."

Buy today from!

Special Project
by Sydney Cohen

For my Personal Project, I took it upon myself to learn ASL, as well as, help with The Whip Project.

My inspiration and dedication to learning ASL comes from past experiences with deaf individuals and media outlets portraying the struggles that loss of hearing inflicts on communication. During my 8th grade year, I was very interested in a show called switched at birth. I believe this show depicts closely the hardships that deaf individuals endure. As I continued to watch the show, I would try to pick up on some simple signs such as hi and bye. As I became more interested in helping others with this disability and capable to volunteer, I joined an association called Leo's Club. Through the many connections that I made I was introduced to the Diuble family. The Diuble’s have two daughters, Lilly and Abby. Lilly is hearing impaired.  Lilly’s sister Abby is very involved and passionate about helping her sister, and with great motivation, Abby started what is called The Whip Project. When the Diuble family first introduced this Project in Leo’s Club, I was instantly finding ways in which I could help. I believed this was a very interesting initiative and wanted to learn more about it. When going through the abundance of ideas I had for my personal project, this was something that really stood out to me. I felt that if I could combine my passion to learn ASL and motivation to help others that were hearing impaired, I had the possibility to make a great impact on the community.  Through The Whip Project, I felt like I could spread awareness of this disability, and help others learn ASL as well. I brought my ideas to the Diuble family, and as expected they were very inclusive and excited to let me share their journey. Through discussions with Abby and Mrs. Diuble, I was able to produce videos of myself teaching others how to sign, and put a link on their website directing them to my videos. With the help of the Diuble family and everyone involved with The Whip Project, I was able to complete my Personal Project.

Sydney Cohen's Project

Sydney Cohen's Project

Sydney Cohen's Project
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When I first started to learn sign language I struggled a lot with basic signs.

When I first started to learn sign language I struggled a lot with basic signs. This is the reason I decided to make ASL tutorial videos. When I started to learn more and more signs I found different patterns and easy ways to understand the language.. The one thing that I can share with from my past  experience of learning sign language is that you should never give up because it might be hard; however, eventually it will pay off. Another piece of advice I would give, is to re-watch videos over and over again until you fully understand what is being taught, because watching a video once will not always help you. Overall, I believe with a little bit of hard work and dedication anybody can learn how to sign in no time.


Through my involvement in Leo’s Club, I was introduced to the Diubles. This is when I first heard the Diuble family talk about The Whip Project.

This project consists of pact that the Diuble family made upon themselves to supply every family or individual that is affected by a hearing disability a Whip alarm for free. The Whip Alarm can detect when there is a fire, severe weather and other emergencies, and will start to shake the disabled person's bed, as well as, flash a very bright light that can even be detected by most visually impaired individuals. The Diuble family started this project because of a hearing impaired daughter that they love very much named Lily. One day when Lily was younger there was a tornado. When the family finally got Lilly to wake up and down stairs, it was only moments before the tornado struck. After this happened Lilly’s sister Abby decided to start the whip project (Warning Hearing Impaired People).  Abby, Lilly, and their friends and family have raised up to $150,000 in the last year alone to supply these systems to disabled individuals. The Diuble family has asked every local fire station to help raise money for this project, and is still fighting to get every kid who needs an alarm one for free. To donate money make sure you go to



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